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Our HSS taps - M thread

Discover our range of ISO metric coarse thread HSS taps.

T1010 HSS hand taps sets

T1020 Sets of drills & taps

T1030 HSS hand taps sets

T1141 HSS taps

T1141.01 HSS taps

T1151 HSS taps

T1151.01 HSS taps

T1181.05 "PM" HSS taps

T1191.05 "PM" HSS taps

assemblage tarauds droits universel_edited.jpg

Straight flute multipurpose taps

JEU T1020_edited.jpg

Hand taps

assemblage tarauds hélicoidaux universel

Spiral flute

multipurpose taps

assemblage taraud long hss_edited.jpg



T1145 HSS taps

T1145.01 HSS taps

T1155 HSS taps

T1155.01 HSS taps

T1185.05 "PM" HSS taps

T1195.05 "PM" HSS taps

T1090 Long HSS taps

T1091 Long HSS taps

T1092 Long HSS taps

T1093 Long HSS taps

T1040 HSS taps

T1041 HSS taps

T1043 HSS taps

T1160 HSS taps

T1161 HSS taps

T1161.01 HSS taps

T1170 HSS taps

T1171 HSS taps

T1171.01 HSS taps

assemblage taraud droit hss_edited.jpg

Straight flute


T1261 HSS taps

T1261.10 HSS taps

T1271 HSS taps

T1271.10 HSS taps

T1361.10 HSS taps

T1371.10 HSS taps

T1381.10 "PM" HSS taps

T1391.10 "PMHSS taps

T1560.08 HSS taps

T1570.08 HSS taps

T1663 HSS taps

T1673 HSS taps

T1761.05 HSS taps

T1771.05 HSS taps

T1863.05 HSS taps

T1961 HSS taps

T1971 HSS taps

assemblage taraud helicoidale hss_edited

Spiral flute


T1045 HSS taps

T1165 HSS taps

T1165.01 HSS taps

T1175 HSS taps

T1175.01 HSS taps

T1265 HSS taps

T1265.10 HSS taps

T1275 HSS taps

T1275.01 HSS taps

T1365.10 HSS taps

T1375.10 HSS taps

T1385.10 "PMHSS taps

T1395.10 "PMHSS taps

T1665 HSS taps

T1675 HSS taps

T1765.05 HSS taps

T1775.05 HSS taps

T1865.05 HSS taps

T1965 HSS taps

T1975 HSS taps

assemblage taraud a refouler hss_edited.

Cold forming


assemblage taraud pour filets rapportés_

Thread inserts


T1167.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1177.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1168.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1178.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1967.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1977.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1188.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T1198.01 Fluteless cold forming HSS taps

T8041 Thread inserts HSS taps

T8045 Thread inserts HSS taps

assemblage taraud a gauche hss_edited.jpg

left hand


T1049 HSS taps

T1121 HSS taps

T1125 HSS taps

asemblage foret taradueurs



T9045 HSS drill taps

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