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Our values

Our values are part of our company’s strengths. Thanks to our employees, they continue to strengthen and enable us to achieve our common goal: to be a leader in cutting tools Made in France!

This corporate culture is based on fundamentals, solid foundations that are shared by all:

Allez l'équipe

Team spirit

Our employees show altruism and solidarity. It is by working together and bringing together the human and professional qualities of each that we can achieve great things.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a major challenge for us. It is our priority! Above all, we want to meet your needs with high-performance, high-quality products.


We attach great importance to the respect of our employees but also to each of our customers and suppliers. Open to listening, sharing and dialogue we allow everyone to flourish both personally and professionally.

The innovation

We are always pushing innovation and our limits so that today’s ideas become tomorrow’s novelties. We are involved in numerous internal and external projects to make Elco a pioneer in cutting tools.   

Integrity and transparency

All of our employees act with integrity and transparency both among themselves and with our customers and suppliers. This integrity is proof of our credibility and the trust you have placed in us for so many years.

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