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Our HSS taps


Discover our range of HSS taps to carry out all your tapping operations and internal threads.

Select your thread and discover our range!

assemblage tarauds droits universel_edited.jpg

Thread M

assemblage tarauds BSP_edited.jpg

Thread BSP

assemblage NPT_edited.jpg

Thread NPT

assemblage gamme taraud MF_edited.jpg

Thread MF

assemblage BSPT_edited.jpg

Thread BSPT

assemblage TE_edited.jpg

Thread TE

assemblage taraudx hss bsw_edited.jpg

Thread BSW

assemblage taraud UNC_edited.jpg

Thread UNC

assemblage tarauds hss bsf_edited.jpg

Thread BSF

assemblage tarauds unf_edited.jpg

Thread UNF

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