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Our special tools


Elco has been designing and manufacturing special tools (cutting tools and tool holders) in France for over 40 years to meet your technical needs. With this experience we work with the largest manufacturers in the market of precision mechanics, aerospace, automotive, rail, subcontracting...


Our User Technical Service (UST) supports you in the realization of your project of special tools. Depending on your technical needs, constraints, machined materials, desired performance and many other criteria, it will offer you the best machining solution to improve your competitiveness and production.

Request for special tools

Demande d'outils spéciaux - Alésoirs.jpg
Demande d'outils spéciaux - Forets.jpg



Demande d'outils spéciaux - Fraises.jpg

End mills

Demande d'outils spéciaux - Tarauds.jpg


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