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Our carbide end-mills 

Discover our range of carbide ends-mills that will allow you to carry out all your milling operations (side milling, slotting, surfacing, roughing…).

assemblage fraise scie carbure_edited.jpg

Slitting saws

K8010 Carbide slitting saws

K8850 Concave quarter-round milling carbide end-mills

K9329.10 "Double" quarter-round milling carbide end-mills

assemblage fraise 1 4 de cercle carbure_edited.jpg



K9129.03 Carbide countersinks

assemblage conique a noyer_edited.jpg


K9100.10 Chanfering carbide end-mills

K9319.10 "Double" chanfering carbide end-mills

K9790.03 Champfering & slotting carbide end-mills

K9792.03 Champfering & slotting carbide end-mills

K9796.03 Champfering & slotting carbide end-mills

assemblage fraises a chanfreiner radiales carbure_edited.jpg



assemblage fraise lims carbure_edited.jpg



L3xx1/L6xx1 Carbide rotary burrs
L3xx2/L6xx2 Carbide rotary burrs
L3xx3/L6xx3 Carbide rotary burrs
L3xx4/L6xx4 Carbide rotary burrs
L3xx6/L6xx6 Carbide rotary burrs

L 610_edited.jpg
L 611_edited.jpg
L 612_edited.jpg
L 622_edited.jpg
L 632_edited.jpg
L 642_edited.jpg
L 643_edited.jpg
L 666_edited.jpg
L 669_edited.jpg
L 672_edited.jpg
L 673_edited.jpg
L 680_edited.jpg
L 681_edited.jpg
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