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Our HSS reamers

Discover our range of HSS reamers that will help you machine your holes to the desired size with precision.

D1550 HSS reamers

D1550.02 HSS reamers

D1552 HSS reamers

D1552.02 HSS reamers

D1554 HSS reamers

D1554.02 HSS reamers

assemblage tarauds hss machine hélicoida

Spiral flute

machine reamers

D3550 HSS reamers

D3550.02 HSS reamers

D3554 HSS reamers

D3554.02 HSS reamers

D2180 HSS reamers

D2280 HSS reamers

D1450 HSS reamers

D3450 HSS reamers

assemblage tarauds hss machine droit_edi

Straight flute machine reamers

D1100 4 flutes HSS core drills

D3104 4 flutes HSS core drills

assemblage tarauds hss foret aléseurs_ed

Core drills

D1950 HSS reamers

D3950 HSS reamers

assemblage tarauds hss machine hélice ra

High spiral flute

machine reamers

D6400 "French type" HSS hand reamers

D6404 "French type" HSS hand reamers

D6600 HSS hand reamers

D6604 HSS hand reamers

D6704 HSS fluted reamers

assemblage tarauds hss à main_edited.jpg

Hand reamers

D3108 5 flutes HSS bridge reamers

assemblage alésoirs hss de chaudronnerie

Bridge reamers

D7405 HSS taper reamers

D7408 HSS taper reamers

D7410 HSS taper reamers

assemblage alésoirs hss conique machine_

Taper pin machine reamers

D6800 Adjustable HSS hand reamers

D6900 Adjustable HSS hand reamers

assemblage alésoirs hss expansible à mai

Adjustable hand


D7601 Alésoirs à main HSS coniques

D7700 Alésoirs à main HSS coniques

assemblage alésoirs hss conique à main_e

Taper pin

hand reamers

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